Meet the Owner!

Hi! My name is Courtney, and I am founder & creator of Sol VA. I have a little introduction of myself under the About page, but I wanted to really introduce myself so everyone can get to know the face behind Sol VA on a deeper level. I strive to create a positive community of small businesses, authors, and followers that support one another, but we have to know eachother to do so! So, let’s get into the nitty gritty that is my life!

I was born In Austin, TX on May 30th, 1999. Yes, I am a proud gemini baby! A big part of my life is that I have moved around. A LOT. So, after Texas, my family (my mom, dad, and older sister) all packed up and moved to Utah. A couple years later, we moved to South Dakota, and that is where I started kindergarden. Yes, that means 3 states by 5 years old! After a couple of years, my parents divorced, and my mom met my stepdad, Chuck. This is when we moved to lovely San Diego, California! I aboslutely loved it here, however, I was now a Navy brat (Chuck being a lifer in the military), so the moving continued. After a few years, we packed up and moved to Maryland. That is where I lived out the remainder of my middle school and high school days. If you were keeping track, that is 5 states by 6th grade. WOW! I would not of had it any other way, though. Not only was my childhood filled with lots of moving, but also lots of travel, as I would fly to Minnesota every school break to visit my dad.

After highschool, I briefly went to Michigan State University. I left my sophomore year because I felt lost with what exactly I wanted to study, I did not have many friends (shoutout to Ashley if you are reading this, thanks for being my ride or die there! ♥️), and I couldnt handle the cold weather. When my parents informed they were going to be moving back to San Diego, I knew it was where I needed to be. As a child, soccer was my entire life. I absolutely loved to play, and I was pretty good at it! I played my entire childhood, except for a quick hiatus in highschool. I ended my soccer career on a good note in college playing for San Diego Miramar College. Athletics have always been a huge part of my life, and to this day, I still love them dearly.

Currently, I still reside in San Diego, and I have built a life that I had always dreamed of. I started community college, where I felt I could really explore everything that I was interested in before I commit to an undergraduate school. I also met amazing friends through their soccer program, who gave me a chance to play again despite having a gap in my career and was able to end it on the positive note I had been seeking. I met my amazing boyfriend, Andrew, and his dog, Nala (who you may have seen before!). We have been together for 2 years, and now live together! After a couple years of self-exploration, I found that graphics design always made me the happiest, so I became a freelancer. I was lucky enough to turn it into my own business, and now this is what I do full-time! In my free time, I love to go to the beach, go to the pool, hang out with friends & family, travel (even if it’s just local), and try new things! I am a lover of animals, books, astrology, TikTok, and talking (Andrew would agree).

If you read through all of that, congratulations! You made it. That was just a very brief overview of my life, and if you would like to get to know me more or just chat, I love talking to new people and can be reached on any of my socials! Talk at you next time! 🦋🌞