Sol VA: Fall Edition!

Welcome to Fall! Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox, and was the perfect time to launch our new Fall aesthetic! Sol VA started posting in May and offcially launched in June, right when Summer first started. Our feed emulated that Summer vibe, but with Summer coming to a close, it was time to say goodbye to our beachy, colorful aesthetic until 2022. Enter Fall, with it’s refreshing, cozy, and pumpkin spice filled vibe!

Now, I am a Summer girl through and through. However, I am a firm believer in “distance only makes the heart grow fonder”, and that applies to seasons too! I do still crave that crisp morning air, warm comfort foods, and cozy nights wrapped up with a good book. I was holding onto Summer for as long as I could, with Halloween and Fall videos popping up on my TikTok feed in August (August!). Then, September hit, and I took a morning walk with Nala while it was still in the 60’s, and my desire for Summer vanished. I was ready for Fall.

However, it seems like Southern California is not quite as ready for Fall as I am. Yesterday, the first day of Fall, hit a whopping 103 degrees and a heat advisory was put into place. Needless to say, I stayed inside with the AC on. However, I still get my crisp morning air by taking sunrise walks with Nala. At least at 6:30 AM it is below 80 degrees. Luckily, today is the start of the cool-down, and I should get my Autumn wish by October. It is a blessing and a curse, living in SoCal, but at least I can still get my beach fix in February when I am over Winter. 😂

So, what does this mean for Sol VA? First, as you can probably already see, the website has a new look. Out with the ocean, surfboards, and oranges; In with the crunchy leaves, hot coffees, and pumpkins! Second, our colors changed! It is still blue and orange, but less bright and cheerful, more of a warm, burnt type of feeling to them. Third, we updated our logo with the new colors, and added a little pizzaz! Fourth, we are updating our posting to this fresh Autumn aesthetic. If you love your Pinterest board filled with Fall photography, stayed tuned and watch Sol VA’s feed reflect that! We are also changing our feed style, from what we call the random style to the pattern style. I have posted about this in the past on social media, but we accomodate random, pattern, and template feed styles for our clients, and so we want to show that with our feed as well. All feed styles look amazing, and we want to showcase how creative we can get with your social media! Last, and a bit more ominous, Sol is growing. Not only our community on social media, or our beloved clients, but the business is expanding to more. I cannot give details quite yet, but let’s just say more information is coming very, very soon!

You made it! I am officially done blabbing about Fall. For now. 😉 Thank you for taking the time to read through what’s new with Sol VA, and as always, for the continued support through this crazy venture! If you ever want to chat more, about anything, feel free to reach out through any of my socials or fill out the contact form! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! 🦋🌞